CPS International is a preeminent provider of Information Systems Solutions and Consulting Services for the Healthcare community as well as high-growth oriented organizations worldwide. We provide our clients added business value through process innovation, the selection and implementation of enabling technologies, and effective organizational development. This is achieved by incorporating our deep and broad experience in many industry segments including:

  • Medical Care Providers, Researchers, and Higher Education
  • Healthcare Payers, Pharmaceuticals, and CROs
  • Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Global Logistics

along with best practice and cost effective methods, systems, and human capital.


CPS International continually strives to enhance the well being of its associates, their families, and surrounding communities by engaging in highly ethical, moral, and charitable works.


NEWS - CPS International is working with leading infrastructure services providers in the use and configuration of new software defined network (SDN) and virtualization technologies in a healthcare setting. These efforts hold promise of greater efficiencies and interoperable capabilities for many large scale health delivery, academic, and research sciences enterprises. Please look for our progress updates in this and many other significant initiatives!!